Privacy Policy

  • E Diamond Inc. is committed to protecting your privacy and your activities on our secure encrypted web site. We do not solicit your name address or any other personal identifying information to third parties.

  • E Diamond Inc. does not save any of your credit card information.

  • Each transaction on is secure and unique.

  • E diamond inc. collects information for the purposes of building customer criteria
    and internal marketing.

  • All IP address are collected for security purposes. To identify our visitors.

  • Billing and shipping information for your account to be crossed reference to identify our clients.

  • Browsing activates of our visitors.

  • Cookies are stored on your computer to remember items that you have selected in your shopping cart when you leave or return to the web site.
    Information is also used to make orders check out faster.

  • All information is stored in a central database where it is used for account maintenance, customer service purposes to check and update orders and also review purchase history.

  • All data transmitted on this web site is secured by a 128 bit encryption which is monitored live 24 hours and 7 days a week.

  • Security is also checked VIA satellite to confirm address and or location.
    Your information may be used for back ground checks for security purposes.

  • Personal information will be used to aid and prosecute crimes committed against EDiamond, and E Diamond Inc.

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